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Red Slime
Comedy web log from a guy who had his Dragon Warrior save game overwritten by his best friend's little brother.

Pontificate Or Perish
A comical view of the world from the sick, twisted and occasionally clever mind of an Everyman. Part comedy, part witticism, part temper tantrum, Ponticiate Or Perish features the original observations of a man who can't keep his mouth shut any longer. Comments welcome. Enjoy.

Clean Comedy from Corporate Comedian Marty Daniels
Comedy, Business, Politics, Faith and Music...did I miss anything?

I think I want to be a comedian.
Humorous thoughts and observations from the mind of a 21 year old guy from New York who recently came to the conclusion that he might want to become a standup comedian/comedy writer. Yeah I know, that wasn't funny. I'm off to a great start, aren't I?

PROMETHEUS BOUND: The Comedy of Luke F. Thomas
PROMETHEUS BOUND is the official weblog from stand-up comic Luke Thomas. "I have never made but one prayer to God, a very short one: 'O Lord, make my enemies ridiculous.' And God granted it." --Voltaire

Late Night with Mr. X & Just Julie
Husband and wife comedy Podcast

DavidWayne dot Comedy
A funny blog for the author, david wayne, to post his comedic brain squirts, also known as comedy musing. David Wayne posts columns he writes about a variety of topics, including his personal life, top news stories, and boogers.

Janey Godley’s Blog
I am a Scottish stand up comic, actor and playwright. Also am published author of “Handstands in the Dark” my critically acclaimed memoir. I work all over the world, either on tour with comedy or theatre. Follow my stories daily and catch up with my unique life.

Fitz Blog of Comedy
Fitz Blog of Comedy is a blog that is dedicated to comedy and humor. Jokes and humors web sites are presented for the entertainment of readers. The latest news about comic actors and comedians are reviewed and discussed.