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Where the Hell Was I?
Nothing but honest, heartfelt commentary on random events, many of which never actually happened. Plus some other stuff.

Pure Pulp
a surreal look at pop culture

Joel Klebanoff's Ramblings
Random ramblings and humorous insights for people with way too much time on their hands, from Joel Klebanoff, the author of BYTE-ing Satire.

Using My Powers For Good
Entertaining Stories From Everyday Life by Jenny Ryan

Daily updated website with jokes, funny pictures, games, videos and links to fun web sites.

Scream 'til it Stops
A place to get together and discuss how the world has completely lost it's mind. My own observations about the insanity I see around me (including when I look in the mirror).

Fredo and Pidjin Comic Blog
Two evil pigeons. One world to end. Adventures updated every week. Quirky humor.

Crypt Hunter - The Chronicles of Memphis
Action, Adventure, Archaeolgy! Follow the chronicles of Memphis a Crypt Hunter - you too can learn how

Cool jokes
Find every day a cool and funny joke here

Free jokes and comedy videos.

Free Sarcasm
A sarcastic, snarky, exaggerated, wise-ass, smartass, ironical, satirical, cynical, deadpan, tongue-in-cheek, biting, smart-alecky, random, humorous and/or scathing commentary on whatever I feel like commenting on!

Wierd Websites
My Collection of Wierd, Fun, Informative and Interesting Websites.