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A Screenwriter's View
A simple place for a starving screenwriter to share his views on articles, scripts, tips, movies and much more.

Adunn's Blog
The day to day life of Screenwriter/Actor/Film Student Adam Dunn. Updates on projects such as the independent film "Letters for Sara" to be filmed in June, and the highly anticipated internet serial "Crime files". So stop on in and see whats new, hey maybe if you are in Minneapolis we could fit you into a production!

Anime Otaku
Anime is ruining my life through addiction. And you can read all about it! I'm slowly loosing my grip on reality.

Best DVD Movies
Daily updated reviews of the most popular movies released on DVD.

Bollywood Stories
Fun stuff around the world of Bollywood - India's Hollywood - and reviews of movies including those copied from Hollywood.

Ciné Matters
Analysis and discussion of all things cinematic.

News, release dates and links for the Canadian DVD market.

Fanblog Ex Machina
The main newsblog of Fanboy Ex Machina: "Canada's Premier Online Fan Magazine". The absolute latest in Canadian and International Production News and Reviews on Movies, Anime, Manga, Comic Books and much more! (Very Funny and Updated Daily!)

Low Budget
One of the qualities we long for from Movies is the Authentic. But there are many kinds of Authentic. Whether it's realism in terms of story, real acting, a sense that there are real stunts, or perhaps just that it's based on a "real" story, realism sells like sex. The Authentic is like energy, it comes in many forms, but they are related underneath

Star wars blog
Here you can post and share with others your own private thoughts and views about the Star Wars Movie.

The Flick Addict
Reviews of current major studio and art house releases interspersed with commentary and opinion on cinema, the movie business, the movie stars, and issue related to movies and the movie industry.

Reel Fanatic
I blog three to four times a week, offering movie reviews and previews, plus info on DVD releases that peak my interest.

Music and Movie Review
The average guy's take on the latest music and movies

International Walnut
Refreshingly honest, humorous and entertaining reviews of Horror films, Cult films, DVDs, and advance theatrical releases.

The Movie Blog
A blog about the latest movie news.

MAD About Movies
A blog dedicated to providing movie reviews and news to the masses.

Movie Revs
New movie reviews.

8.T.C.M. - Asian Cinema
Asian cinema reviews focusing on Japanese cinema.

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