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Demolition, Scrap Metal and Salvage News
Blog discusses the demolition contracting business, scrap metal prices and recycling, wrecking and building demolition projects, benefits of concrete crushing, equipment salvage tips, and demolition safety.

IGotNewsForYou Blog
All about the online business, entrepreneurship, finding new work and a satirical/humorous view of today's world.

The Maui Real Estate Blog
Blog on Maui and the island's real estate. Topics range from property profiles, to information on new real estate developments, to cultural events and surfing.

Online Marketing Plan
Articles and resources to help you with marketing plans, programs, and online promotions.

Computer Consulting Blog
Learn How You Can Get More Steady, High-Paying Computer Consulting Clients... from Joshua Feinberg, author of the Computer Consulting 101 Professional Kit (

Finding The Money
Or blogging it. Blogging The Money. Yeah, I like that better.

The Sykes Group's OnPoint
The leading provider of leadership, motivation, team building, presentation skills, customer service, and career advice tips and techniques.

Business Process Outsourcing
Penny Breslin has been a QuickBooks certified professional since 2000 and small business owner since 1989. In 2001 she was instrumental in starting up an accounting BPO in Bangalore, India and personally trained its accounting staff on QuickBooks.

Web Tools and Tutorials for Aspiring Netrepreneurs

Wize Product Research Blog
Reporting on the collective wisdom of user and expert product reviews from

Crystal D Awards & Trophies Blog
Customer and company discussions about the importance and uses of corporate awards, customer feedback on award and company news.

The Funfairgames Weblog
A running commentary on the trials and tribulations of running a funfair company

David Maister's Passion, People and Principes
Best-selling business author, global consultant and former Harvard Business School professor David Maister presents a career-spanning summary of insights on managing, strategy, client relations and careers in this professional business blog.

Charles H. Green's Trust Matters
Big picture thoughts on trust in business and society plus practical trust-building advice for practitioners from speaker and constultant Charles H. Green, author of ''Trust Based Selling'' and co-author of ''The Trusted Advisor.''

Roni Deutch Official Blog
The official blog of tax attorney Roni Deutch. Featuring tax related blog articles and news.

The Wal-Mart Files
Daily Gossip and News about Wal-Mart.