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Ashish's Niti
My views and commentary on current affairs (political, and economics related). Some innovative ideas for burning issues.

Economics With A Face
Blog on Economics

A Blog for Wall Street Bears, Shorts and Market Cassandras. Liberal Politics and Economics in the style of the New York Times. Always Fresh. 24.7.365. Since 1999!

economic and financial review
review of economics, finance and investment. we look to simplify the economic and financial ideas and thought

The World Economics and Photo Blog
This blog is based in Vancouver - Canada, and we post items we feel that YOU need to read - to protect your ASSETS in the coming economic meltdown. To lighten things up - we also include beautiful photos of British Columbia.

That's Capital
Conversations about markets, choice and desire. The DNA of economics. An audio blog about the way culture impacts economics and economics impact culture.