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Featured Computer Help and Tips - MalekTips
Computer and technology help and tips for all skill levels. Windows (including Windows XP), DOS, Microsoft Word, anti-spyware, Internet Explorer, electronic mail, the Internet, digital camera, HTML, and more.

Free Thoughts
Simply, they are my thoughts about what I find in the cyberspace. Reading articles, news, reviews ... etc. is the driving force of my passion to write back a comment, and to guide others to such information sources.

The Ultimate Question????
Hey Guys, You ever find your self chatting with an individual and they ask what you do and you tell them that you work with computers and they want to know what exactly?

Printing News and Topics
Inkjet and Photo Printer Reviews, printing tips, digital photogrophy, Printer Ink Cartridge topics and other printing news blog.

Computer Consultants Secrets
Get the computer consultants secrets you need to take your computer consultant business to the next level

Digital Payag
A personal tech blog of a Filipino tech enthusiast who loves to write Windows how-to tips and tricks.

Aussie Matt - Exposing the Great Australian Dream
Aussie News, TV, Radio, Entertainment, Politics -no holds barred discussion.