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AbsoluteRaleigh Laptop Repair Blog
This is a company weblog where we document laptop and computer repairs we perform.

Compter First Aid - Maintainance & Troubleshooting
Compter First Aid - Maintainance & Troubleshooting. This blog is here to help people find answers to questions about computers. It is a great resource to have in your arsenal.

Computer News
Computer News for the most up to date Computer News
I'm a geek, I love hacking things apart, building stupid blue LED thingies or optimizing my linux box till it breaks! Are geeks liked by other non-geeks ? Well, fuck the people, we are the geeks !

Inkjet Blog
Inkjet printer articles and tutorials to print your digital photos

Laptop Hacks. Com
Laptop reviews, news, articles, tips, maintenance, security, gadgets links.

Tony Asaro's Stor Wars
The enterprise storage market is chaotic and confusing. Enterprise Strategy Group analyst Tony Asaro helps you cut through the noise.

Brian Garrett's The Storage Engineer
Opinion and commentary on the high-end data storage technology by Brian Garrett, analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group.

Data Acquisition Cards
A blog that reviews PC data acquisition cards models from different providers, complete with features and specifications

The Remarketer
Blogging the used IT Hardware marketplace.

Laptop News
Well I have two loves in life, my GrlFriend and my Laptop :) that should be enough to start a blog, right?