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Diets and Weight Loss Plans
Daily blog for dieter's and anyone wanting to lose weight. Includes the latest diet and weight loss news, new diet plans, dieting chronicles, new diet products, diet book reviews, exercise plans and fitness equipment reviews.

The Slimming Pool
Exposing the myths of weight loss scams, tips for permanent weight loss

Lose-That-Weight provide you with the most up-to-date weight-loss information, articles, and products available.

Emerge Cocoon - A Weight Loss Blog
Eat to live, don't live to eat. A journal of one man's struggle against fat. Starting weight: 395lbs
Find out which diet is RIGHT for you with our Free personalized Diet Assessment. Contains 100s of Diet Reviews, tips, and resources.

Weight loss guide
Fast weight loss, weight loss stories, fast weight loss tips, lose weight fast, Weight loss guide, weight loss fun and many More.

90 in 9
My quest to lose 90 pounds in 9 months.

Best Weight Loss Information
Best weight loss information with tips article and advice on losing weight fast and safely

Vegetarian Low Carb Recipes
Who I am is a real person—a woman, a mother, a business owner, and a budding cook. Proudly, I am also vegetarian and, until recently, I was a vegetarian who struggled with her weight.