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TheVital.Net Blog and News Search Directory

The World As I See It
Commentary on News of the Day and Current Events

Active Insight
A mix of demographics, society, business, economics, politics and current events

Cleverly Named Blog
Cleverly Named Blog answers the questions that no one asked, providing commentary on the absurdities of current events.

Scribblings From the Hun
Scribblings, ramblings, and comments on politics and current events.

Dark Days Ahead
Personal and political commentary on current events.

Politics and current events

The Platypus Society
A blog that looks at current events and pokes fun at them with a pointed witty stick. This is either going to be the funniest blog on the internet, or a ring side seat to my severe attention deficit disorder!

The Lavender Pulpit
Created out of frustration with the level of ignorance still prevalent in the US, The Lavender Pulpit is one man's rantings about current events and more.

Random Shock
Random Shock, i intend to shock at random.

Save A World
One place for your Israel news, support, organizations, discussions.

hot news
current events and other news from all over the world!

shahbaz world of thoughts!
current events and other lattest information with shahbaz!

Yid With Lid
Satire and other Commentary about Jewish Issues, Israel and the War on Terror, from a conservative perspective