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Growing Up Daddy
My life, my opinions, and my random thoughts about being a Stay At Home Dad.

Chris Leon's Roar
Deaf, Puerto Rican, critical thinker, writer.

News, views, insights and opinions on politics, sports, society, culture, entertainment and media, from one of India's top blogs.

Little Reata
Humorous and poignant, it takes a look at the life of a writer growing up in the violent neighborhoods of 1970s Detroit, and the unexpected effect it has had on his life.

Clearly Confused
Enter the mind of a 20-something-year-old female. Her rambles, observations, and opinions about life and everything in between. Also contains reviews and updates about technoloy and entertainment.

Life Thoughts
Despite what life throws at you, and no matter what happens, you can read the trials and tribulations of the daily happenings and events of the life that is Michael Cole.

San Diego Professional Organizer and Image Consultant
Kathi Burns is a professional organizer based in San Diego California. She specializes in clutter control, home organizing, image consultation.

I, Me, Myself
Sidhusaaheb's world view

This is what happens when you put First World mentality in a Third World country; the official site of Panamanian author Rob Rivera on Panama and how socially retarded it can be.

6am in Aracena
Downshifting in Spain

One blogger's offbeat and humorous reflections on pop-culture and life in general.

Have A Woman's Look
A humorous look at life in an average Australian family. "Have A Woman's Look" is taken from a family saying used when a member of the male persuasion can not find something.

Jee's life in Malaysia
Personal diary, weblog, philosophy, memory, news and event, fun discovery, travel and photos

Adventures in the world of Miladysa

The World in Focus
Personal blog and photos of an English guy, now living in the South of France

A general weblog related to entertainment, news, current stories around the World, gossips, videos, humor, funny, web, internet, celebrities, love, dating, personal, quotes, quotations, blog, blogging, vlog, videoblog,informations etc.
Travel Photos, Random Ravings, and Quality Insults.

Crazy Quilt
A riot of color. And shades of grey. My reflections on Saturday afternoon..

Best Online Dating Site
A review of the top online dating site with tips adivce and articles on the top online dating services

j a r i n x
A personal blog of jramoyo.

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