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The Omnipotent Poobah Speaks!
Scintillating reading for discerning mammals

Anti-Shave 2006
An experimental blog. No shaving for an entire year, photos posted weekly.

Worldwide Opportunity
This was a marketing Blog now it's just my thoughts for the day. You never know what I will be posting about. Donít get caught doing something good or maybe something wrong, because you just might be known to the world.

My Rather Average Life
Had a storybook childhood growing up in the midwest, a messed up adolescence (developed anorexia...which actually lasted into my 20s), and I'm just now starting to live again.

Jonathan's Sitcom
I canít really explain my journal descriptively. I cover every topic from marshmallows to good fellows. Volkswagens to love lessons learned. Girlfriends and hearts burned. Happy times, sad times, funny times, and some rhymes.

The Wanderer
Just about me and whats going on around me, a very boring place, you've been WARNED!!! ;)

A Signpost To Somewhere
Unique finds from around the world, technology, rants, raves and reflections on life.

Razor Blades, Blisters & Time
The writings of an Ex-herion addict......

Razor Blades, Blisters and Time
My life, my love, Hate, and My joke.....underground writings, punk rock podcasts

Toddís Blog: Now With Heart-Healthy Antioxidants!
For dogs' eyes only...

Cosmic Watercooler
Personal musings about nursing and everything else

The Microhierax Chronicles
The Microhierax Chronicles by Palconit Online Offshore Outsourcing providing affordable and quality web design and development solutions for your business.

A young, blossoming novelist begins her journey to become a world class novelist amongst her contemporaries, while relaying life, and sharing special moments with Schmoogle, the comic cat.

My blog where I write down lyrics, reviews, thoughts about my favourite ghazals, songs , books and movies.

The CheeseThinker
A bizzare collection of our chat logs and rants.

Fuckin' Retard
A collection of funny rants focused on political humor and attacks on liberals, conservatives, religion, media and culture through our multi-posting blog or GLOB: global log of bullshit.

Demetri DOT C-EH
My musings about bikes, bodybuilding, travel, things techsome, and life in general.

Interesting Thing of the Day
An ongoing series of entertaining and educational articles about unusual or intriguing topics of all kinds. Subjects include foods, places, language, ideas, history, science, and many more.

Trivia Blog
Find out fun facts and trivia on a daily basis at the Trivia Blog.

High-Grade Heroine
Bibi Cambridge Ė a pretty girl with searing insight. And fart gags.

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