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Centrerion is Canadian non-partisan, centrist, moderate politics. Representing le centre Canadien, Centrerion hosts moderate analysis and centrist commentary.

1169 And Counting.....
Irish history , Irish politics - from today and yesterday : all 32 Counties !

Mideasr: On Target
Middle East on Target is a think tank and source of commentary on the Mid-East.

De Nottingham | From Nottingham
Originally created to keep in touch with my friends while I was studying abroad, I decided to maintain my blog in its original version. I'm now using it to publish my monthly column from La Presse, a French newspaper from Canada.

Pime Forest Collective
Crazy enough to put a bomb up the asshole of creation and set it off

A political blog with the aim of providing a forum for insightful and irreverent discourse on international affairs from a progressive, leftist perspective.

Mideast: On Target
The site provides a look and the current events in the Middle East, from a perspective that you cannot get on the main new sources.

Islam And The West Opinions Of A Kashmiri Nomad
A weblog examing the relationship between Islam and the west from a Muslim perspective.

A libertarian spouts off on religion, politics, culture, current events, baseball, and all things geeky. From a skeptical / atheist / vegan perspective.

Top Appointments in International Organizations
News and views on the selection of international leaders

Raising Them RIGHT
Parents raising well-adjusted children with traditional values and a conservative slant

Musings of a modern guy
Blogging about things happening internationally

A modern thinking Indian
Blogging about current affairs in India and the politics behind it all

The Cox Cast
The perfect blend of entertainment and enlightenment; Iím picking throught the political poo to find the kernals of corn so you donít have to!
G W Bush political satire focusing on death wish is revealed in powerful images, animations and Bush's own words by way of Bushisms or Bush's Freudian Slips.

A Second Hand Conjecture
A group blog which discusses politics, religion, economics and culture with a libertarian slant.